Video Shop Window in the 1990s, Linda Byrne Illustration

Remembering the wonder of the 1990’s. My nanny’s house was across the road from the local video shop in Kilcock, county Kildare, I remember staring in the window at the giant poster for “All Dogs Go To Heaven” in wonder of how it was drawn. Every week my sisters and I were treated to a video rental, our top choices were “All Dogs Go To Heaven,” “An American Tail” and “The Secret of Nimh.” I was in sheer wonder at how they were drawn by hand and brought to life. Then my Mam told us that they were made in Dublin…wow!!


When I was 17 I was offered a place to train in the Irish School of Animation in Ballyfermot College, & felt at home surrounded by pencils & creating characters. I struggled with reading from a young age & understood the power of visual storytelling.


When I look back, it was the power of the stories that drew me in & telling them through art is what keeps me there.

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