Illustrations are hand drawn and finished by Linda, in a whimsical character style (style shown in the product images.) They are not realistic portraits

Use of Work

As a standard practice, work completed by Linda Byrne must not be altered or used by the Client for anything other than that for which it was originally commissioned without prior written approval. Personal bespoke illustrations can not be used for business purposes (blogs, websites, logos, etc.) as described in the agreed proposal. Other uses will incur a further fee payable by the Client

Credits & Copyright

As is standard practice, Linda Byrne will retain authorship of the work. Work published will bear a credit unless otherwise agreed by the Client. Legal copyright or other rights of artwork and design etc. will remain the property of Linda Byrne unless otherwise agreed and negotiated. Other uses will incur a further fee payable by the Client.

Supplying Images

All images should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi resolution jpeg.

Client Approval

Linda Byrne is not liable for any errors on work produced, illustrations will be produced from direct use of images supplied by client.


 All orders will be shipped on timeline agreed