Terms & Conditions


1. Proposal and Commission

The project proposal shall be confirmed in writing via email between the illustrator, Linda Byrne and the Client before any work on the project is started. It will outline a description of work and all key tasks to be undertaken, stages involved, fees to be charged (fees quoted are valid for 30 days from the date of the quote unless otherwise agreed,) approvals process and key project milestones and deadlines.


2. Design process

  • Proposal is agreed by both parties (including useage, style, timeline etc)
  • Email your photos and any design direction etc.
  • Three small rough sketches will be emailed to you.
  • Once you choose the sketch you like most, a polished line drawing will be done where you will have another chance to give feedback and request any modifications. This is the Clients last chance for revisions or changes. Any revisions after this stage will incur extra cost.
  • The final bespoke coloured illustration will be completed and posted to you within agreed timeline.


3. Style

Artwork is created in the style of Linda Byrne, a whimsical character representation of the Client. Artwork is not a realistic portrait of the Client.


4. Change in Proposal / Alterations

Changes to the original proposal may result in extra costs. Extra work outside the original quote scope will attract extra fees. These will be quoted for approval before proceeding. Revisions after the stated stage (see Design Process) will incur extra costs.


5. Use of Work

As a standard practice, work completed by Linda Byrne must not be altered or used by the Client for anything other than that for which it was originally commissioned without prior written approval. Personal bespoke illustrations can not be used for business purposes (blogs, websites, logos, etc.) as described in the agreed proposal. Other uses will incur a further fee payable by the Client


6. Credits & Copyright

As is standard practice, Linda Byrne will retain authorship of the work. Work published will bear a credit unless otherwise agreed by the Client. Legal copyright or other rights of artwork and design etc. will remain the property of Linda Byrne unless otherwise agreed and negotiated. Other uses will incur a further fee payable by the Client.

[col-md-6]7. Artwork Retrieval

Linda archives all work 60 days post completion of the project. If the Client requires to re-supply files, a search and restoration fee is charged for this service.


8. Termination of Contract

Should the Client decide to terminate services, or cancel a commission before or during the rough/polished sketch phase the Client will lose their deposit. If the Client cancels a commission during or after the colour process, full payment is due.


9. Supplying Images and Logo’s

All images should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi resolution. Please do not supply images embedded in Word Docs. Any logo’s supplies as screenshots, web graphics or pasted into a Word file may have to be redrawn and will incur extra cost.


10. Client Approval

Linda Byrne Illustrations is not liable for any errors on work produced once the Client has approved proofs. It is highly recommended that the Client check’s all files and illustrations thoroughly before giving final sign off.


11. Timeline

The timeline is dependent upon prompt feedback from the Client at each step of the approval process.


12. Payment

The Client will make a €50 down payment prior to work commencing. The project can be scheduled once the down payment is received. The down payment is non-refundable. The remaining balance is payable to the illustrator upon completion of the project, and before original artwork is supplied to the client.

13. Postage

Original artwork will be posted using registered An Post service, within 3 working days of the final balance. Damage to the frame during postage is unlikely but a replacement frame can be arrange with photographic proof of damage.






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