As the bank holiday rolls in and the weather is set to sore for the weekend I decided to draw this simple fruit infused water recipe illustration that is also a downloadable colouring page. During the summer months I love to make this recipe, in fact I make it all the time. It’s so simple to make and adds instant taste to drinking water. It can be made with any fruit that you have.

Fruit recipes are colourful and you can really experiment with different media ( check out my tip below) in this colouring page.

We are still in lockdown here in Ireland, and three weeks ago I created a colouring page that can be downloaded for an easy activity to do over the weekend. Follow the guidelines below for downloading and printing this colour page. If you decide to share on social media, remember to tag me as I would love to see the results.

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Download Guidelines

How to download the colouring page:

  • Click the downloadable link below
  • In the new tab, select – File – Save As
  • Name file , place in a folder you will find
  • Remember to keep it as a .PDF

Print Guidelines

The paper you choose to print on should be determined by what medium you plan to use to colour in. Wet media need heavier paper, but a standard printer may not be able to print heavy paper or card. Using basic photocopy paper (generally 80/gms) can be used for dry media. I would recommend colouring pencils!

Printer Settings

  • Paper size A4
  • Media type – plain paper
  • Colour format – Greyscale or black and white


Experiment with bright colours for the fruit. Try layering a dry medium over a wet media, for example colouring pencils over watercolours.