Silent Night, Christmas prompt illustration, Plum pudding agency, Linda Byrne Illustration

Silent Night

Silent Night, created for the Plum Pudding Agency 12 Days of Christmas Prompts. An illustration challenge based on popular Christmas songs. Personal Project BackLet’s make beautiful art togetherIf you like this project & have something similar in mind contact me here Hello

Book spread for King Midas, Plum Awar

King Midas & His Golden Touch

Meet Midas, when it comes to sport he’s a guaranteed winner. Nicknamed King thanks to his “golden touch.” His Dad is his number one fan, he’s an all round hero in the sporting world. But cracks are beginning to show. He’s starting to enjoy creative arts, and for the first time he isn’t Number One at something!  How will his…

Linda Byrne Illustration Children's book greyscale character style artworks, Villain

Halloween Characters

A teenage witch who is failing witch school. A collection of characters, inspired by halloween themes. Personal Project An evil villain snow queen & her chihuahua side kick. A forgetful wizard, who needs daily help from his talking cats! A boy with his best friend, who happens to be a ghost! BackLet’s make beautiful art togetherIf…