Mother’s Day is always such a special time, to have the chance to reflect on everything that our Mum’s (and mother figures) have done for us. It’s great to celebrate them in our lives.

For a limited time, I offered the opportunity to have a bespoke Mother’s Day card illustrated for some clients. Working directly from photographs which they sent to me, I drew them and their Mum’s, on a uniquely designed Linda Byrne Illustration Mother’s Day Card. They could then write a loving message inside the card and send it on to their Mum’s, just in time for the big day. I had the opportunity to create one for Suzanne Jackson, of SoSueMe fame, and was delighted to see that it made it’s way safely to her very stylish mum Susan.

Mother's Day Card Linda Byrne Illustration

Mother's Day Card Linda Byrne Illustration

Some very special ladies in my life are soon to be Mum’s, so I illustrated them on a unique “Mum To Be” card, including baby bump! I was delighted to get such lovely heart felt messages from Mum’s who received their cards, about their plans to frame and keep them. They certainly passed the Mammy test!

Here’s a selection of some of the cards and a process tutorial on how they are made.


Mother's Day Card Linda Byrne Illustration,


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